Aging provides many opportunities. One is improving my ability to forgive. I’ve discovered that hanging onto the hurts of my past causes me nothing but pain. I looked back on a few of the biggies that have eaten up precious days of my life. It made me recognize my feelings of righteousness and victimization limited my ability to enjoy life and take in all the love around me.

I made a two-part deal several years ago. I forgave everyone I felt had unfairly hurt me in the past (I’m sure some of them were merely figments of my imagination). The second part was to seek everyone’s forgiveness for my screw-ups. I knew there had been a bunch, both large and small. I made a lot of mistakes and hurt a few people I cared for greatly.

The sad part is, it was too late to make amends to those I most egregiously hurt – several are dead or lost forever. However, there is a lightness in my heart for the mere recognition that I wish to do so.

This is not a quick action. My plan for forgiveness, going both ways, has gone on for years (and still is).

Forgiveness is a pathway toward freedom and opens the gate to joyous tomorrows.

Author: Don Kuhl

Don Kuhl is founder of The Change Companies® and Train for Change Inc.® He has authored hundreds of Journals that have assisted over 10 million people in making positive life changes. While Don was aging (think of a side of beef at a fine restaurant), he managed motel properties, started several sports publications, worked in college and health care administrations and started about a dozen corporations. Some of them failed miserably, a few flourished.