My best

Sherry and I had a little spat today. No big thing. I was being a jerk again.

Then, I failed to respond to a good friend’s request. It would have been so easy to make his day.

This evening, I’m scratching my head while asking myself this question: “Do I give my very best to those I love the most?”

Often, I go out of my way to impress people I barely know. I try to create a memorable encounter. They’ll walk away saying, “My, that old guy, whatever his name is, must be a wonderful fellow.”

I’m writing in the front of my brand new 2021 calendar: “Don, give your best to those who mean the most to you.”

In further reflection, this is a smart, almost selfish, thing to do. Those special people in my life are the ones most apt to pay me back with spectacular moments. 

Part of healthy aging is getting smarter.

Author: Don Kuhl

Don Kuhl is founder of The Change Companies® and Train for Change Inc.® He has authored hundreds of Journals that have assisted over 10 million people in making positive life changes. While Don was aging (think of a side of beef at a fine restaurant), he managed motel properties, started several sports publications, worked in college and health care administrations and started about a dozen corporations. Some of them failed miserably, a few flourished.