One of the greatest gifts I received as a kid was my stuttering talent.

At times I could not get out a single word, much less a coherent sentence or two.

It drove my loving father, Vern, nuts. He’d counsel me, “Don, think about what you want to say before you begin to speak.” I always knew what I wanted to say.  I just couldn’t get the words out.

So why do I now consider stuttering a gift? 

It made me look inward, to create in my mind what I could not express with words.

I became sensitive to others who had all kinds of problems. I found myself rooting for them as they coped with arrogant kids and bullies.

When I was quite young, I started to write and stick my stories and poems in a secret treasure box. I still do. 

I learned to be resilient.

I listened more than most kids my age.

I was in my late teens before a smart friend told me I should practice stuttering on purpose. I kind of enjoyed it. This simple tip gave me considerable control over my speech patterns. 

Every now and then, I still stutter on purpose just to tick off someone who is bugging me.

After all, I don’t want to lose such a wonderful gift.

Author: Don Kuhl

Don Kuhl is founder of The Change Companies® and Train for Change Inc.® He has authored hundreds of Journals that have assisted over 10 million people in making positive life changes. While Don was aging (think of a side of beef at a fine restaurant), he managed motel properties, started several sports publications, worked in college and health care administrations and started about a dozen corporations. Some of them failed miserably, a few flourished.