Remembering a great season of the Carson City Concert Series

Summer has ended, but we haven’t stopped reminiscing about it…or tapping our feet to it.

This summer, The Change Companies® was proud to present the Levitt-Amp Summer Concert Series in our hometown of Carson City, NV, put on by our friends at the Brewery Arts Center.

For 10 consecutive Saturdays this summer, musicians from a variety of genres took to the outdoor stage. These artists included SambaDa, hailed as the West Coast’s hottest Brazilian band; Aileen Quinn & the Leapin’ Lizards, featuring the actress we all know as the star of the 1982 version of “Annie;” the Angry Brians, Remember Jones and more. This family-friendly series brought community members together for memorable evenings of dancing, mural-painting and exploring the town’s harmony sculpture park.

In an interview with KNPB, Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell said, “I live right up the street. When you walk down here and you see 2 or 3,000 people out listening to music, enjoying the day, enjoying the night… That’s what makes life better for people.”

Gina Lopez Hill, executive director of the Brewery Arts Center, told KNPB that the event has transformed the community. “You see neighbors getting to know one another, breaking bread together as they eat before the concert, dancing together. What we do as patrons of the arts and people who put arts in the forefront of the community is bring the community together. That’s really vital to the health and wellbeing of any organization, because you’re less likely to be angry or mad at your neighbor if you danced with them that Saturday night.”

Click here to learn more about the impact the series had on our community.