The Change Companies® announces updated Getting it Right reentry series

The Change Companies® is pleased to announce an enhancement to our popular Getting it Right reentry series. After reviewing current research, gathering client feedback and seeking input from our clinical partners, we have enhanced the Getting it Right reentry curriculum with a fresh design reflecting current best practices and industry needs.

The Getting it Right reentry series applies the latest research in criminal justice and personal change theory for participants preparing to leave the criminal justice system. The program incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy, the transtheoretical model of behavior change, social learning theory, motivational interviewing and Interactive Journaling®, providing structured programming to facilitate successful transition and community reintegration.

True to the Interactive Journaling® approach, this series incorporates a positive, strength-based perspective. With a future focus, Getting it Right emphasizes strategies to help participants stay motivated and navigate successful reentry to the community.

The Getting it Right series includes five Journals, as well as a pocket-sized Passport to Action booklet and Facilitator Guides for each Journal. The series has been enhanced based on the latest research and includes content related to cognitive-behavioral strategies, rational and irrational thinking, ripple effects of criminal behavior and strategies that build motivation for change.

Here’s a closer look at the full Getting it Right series:

Personal Growth

Reentry curriculum release

This Journal helps individuals prepare to make the most of their first few months of transition. Topics include: establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, family reintegration, exploring ripple effects, improving communication and managing difficult feelings.

Responsible Thinking

This Journal emphasizes each person’s ability to change how they think in order to improve their attitudes and behaviors. Participants examine thinking errors that lead to criminal behavior and practice strategies for challenging irrational thinking.

Managing My Life

This Journal focuses on successful living skills, including: financial responsibility, time management, physical health, living arrangements, legal issues, employment and coping skills. Participants also work to develop 10 good habits for success.

Maintaining Positive Change

Previously titled Relapse Prevention, this Journal provides strategies to help participants stay on track with their positive changes and prepare for warning signs that could lead them away from their change efforts. Participants develop plans to help them maintain positive change for a successful transition to the community.

Change Plan

Based on the transtheoretical model, this Journal incorporates proven strategies for behavior change. As participants build individualized plans, they receive a consistent message that positive change is possible, and they are responsible for making it happen.

Passport to Action

Passport to Action is a supplemental piece to the Getting it Right Program. This pocket-sized resource supports participants’ ongoing efforts to make positive life changes. Passport to Action helps participants prepare for transition to the community and includes sections on setting priorities, housing, legal issues, employment, budget, healthcare and family.

Getting it Right Facilitator Guides

Reentry program curriculum

Each Getting it Right Facilitator Guide includes tips to maximize use of the Journals in group settings. They also provide activities, role-playing exercises, group discussion topics and research facts for all Journals.

While Getting it Right is flexible to meet your program’s unique needs, session plans are available to help programs and facilitators implement Getting it Right with fidelity. To order the Getting it Right reentry series or to learn more about program implementation, contact us at 888-889-8866.