Introducing the Second Edition of Treating Addiction by William R. Miller, Alyssa Forcehimes and Allen Zweben

Addiction treatment is not just for specialists. Accordingly, the latest book for practitioners is written for anyone who works alongside clients with substance use disorders. The second edition of Treating Addiction by Drs. William R. Miller, Alyssa Forcehimes and Allen Zweben is now available, including new research, reflections, topics and case studies.

One of the world’s most frequently cited researchers, Miller is a founder of motivational interviewing and emeritus distinguished professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of New Mexico. Forcehimes also focuses on behavior change and serves as president of The Change Companies® and Train for Change Inc®. Zweben is a professor and associate dean at the Columbia University School of Social Work and focuses on treatment for substance use issues.

The Change Companies® is proud to offer the new edition of Treating Addiction. Dr. Miller recently took some time to share with us his thoughts on the new book:

Treating addiction second addition

This is the book I wish I’d had back when I was teaching addiction psychology. I didn’t get around to writing it until after I retired, so it reflects what I’ve learned from 45 years in this field. With my two co-authors, Drs. Alyssa Forcehimes and Allen Zweben, we have more than a century of experience in addiction treatment.

Though it’s a solid textbook, we wrote it primarily as a resource for professionals who treat substance use disorders – and not just for specialists, but also for generalists. It’s a scandal that mainstream health care professionals still receive so little training to treat some of the most common, life-threatening disorders. It’s like leaving diabetes out of medical training. This is not just a specialist problem. Treating addiction should be a routine part of the job for all general psychologists, counselors, physicians, nurses and social workers. If you’re trained as a health professional, you probably already have 80 percent of what you need to know in order to treat addictions. Our book is meant to provide the other 20 percent.

We spent two years reviewing another decade’s worth of clinical science published after our first (2011) edition so that this second edition would be thoroughly up to date. In addition to background about substance use disorders, there are 18 practical chapters on evidence-based treatment. Everything has been updated and rewritten. There are new chapters on mindfulness and contingency management. Also, you’ll find a new chapter on working unilaterally through family members, particularly with community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT). We address how to respond to common clinical issues in a practical chapter called “Stuff That Comes Up.” A final chapter considers how to implement evidence-based treatment methods in ongoing practice.

We worked hard to write in a style that is clinically relevant and accessible, even to students and other newcomers to this field. There are “personal reflection” boxes from each of the authors, key summary points and reflection questions at the end of each chapter, practical case examples and dialogue, and over 1,300 references documenting the science behind our work.

Welcome to a richly rewarding clinical field where your work makes a life-or-death difference!

Dr. Miller has also authored several Interactive Journals with The Change Companies®. These evidence-based materials are designed to motivate and guide individuals toward positive behavior change. Journals by Dr. Miller include:

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