The Same You in 2020

I’m going to contradict the typical New Year’s message – you actually don’t need to become a whole new you in 2020. 

Sometimes we focus so much on what should be fixed – especially in ourselves. And all that ruminating on the not-so-good can make us feel down. In that process, we also miss the positives that are right in front of us – the good stuff that’s already part of who we are. I’m guessing if you think about what went well in 2019, you will recall times that you:

…stood up for yourself
…offered encouragement to someone else 
…let yourself be vulnerable
…did things that were hard
…forgave someone
…said “I’m sorry”
…endured (maybe because there wasn’t another choice)
…spoke up for what was right
…wiped someone’s tears
…made a change
…tried something new
…showed compassion 

So, as you think of things to work on in the year ahead, consider balancing that by spending some time acknowledging all of the beautiful ways you showed up for yourself and others this past year. 

After all, the very fact that you’re reading this is evidence that, to date, you are 100% able to get through challenging circumstances and difficult days. That shows you have what it takes to handle anything that comes your way. And take it from someone who used to teach college-level statistics – 100% is as good as it gets.

Author: Alyssa Forcehimes, PhD

An expert in behavior change, substance use disorders and empathic communication, Dr. Alyssa Forcehimes serves as President of The Change Companies® and Train for Change Inc.® She lives in Arizona with her husband and two daughters.