What We Consume

This week, Emma’s at-home science lesson was about flamingos and how they become pink in color because of all the shrimp they eat. Emma liked this fact quite a bit and opened the refrigerator to see the foods we had inside and think about which color she might become if she snacked on something enough. 

The adage “you are what you eat” suggests the important role of our diet in our health. And it’s true – we know so much about how our food choices are linked to how we feel and our long term health outcomes.

But if we think about our diet only in terms of food, maybe we are thinking too narrowly. Perhaps our diet includes all that we take in – what we read, what we watch, how we spend our days, what we say in our silent self-talk, what we worry about and who we listen to.  Just as we can become more mindful in what and how we eat – finding foods that nourish our bodies, focusing on each bite with more awareness and knowing when to stop – perhaps it would help us to pay closer attention to what else we allow in and become more careful with all that we consume.

Author: Alyssa Forcehimes, PhD

An expert in behavior change, substance use disorders and empathic communication, Dr. Alyssa Forcehimes serves as President of The Change Companies® and Train for Change Inc.® She lives in Arizona with her husband and two daughters.