New Getting Back on Track helps clients on the road to recovery

Recovery can be a long journey. Getting Back on Track is designed for those times when things haven’t gone as planned. If a client is experiencing a setback, this self-directed Journal can help them get back on track and prepare to manage obstacles down the road.

Clients will explore what went awry in their recovery and learn how to cope with similar obstacles in the future. This 24-page Journal prompts clients to consider where they’d like to go from here in their recovery and provides the tools and strategies to help them get there.

Written by Drs. William R. Miller and Alyssa Forcehimes in collaboration with The Change Companies®, this Journal is ideal for clients who have recently taken a step back in working toward recovery. You can also introduce it to individuals who are about to leave treatment.

With Getting Back on Track in hand, clients can feel more confident and prepared for the twists and turns that can come with recovery.

To learn more, preview Getting Back on Track on our website, or better yet, give us a call at 888-889-8866 for personalized assistance.