The Change Companies® announces updated Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) series

The Change Companies® is pleased to announce the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) series has been given a comprehensive update and is now available for implementation.

RDAP is a collaboration between the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and The Change Companies® that began in 2001. This 9-month treatment program uses Interactive Journaling® to enhance consistency and participation among individuals who are incarcerated. 

Through ongoing collaboration, this initial series of Journals has been continually refined. Today, more than 600 sites are using versions of this research-based program. The curriculum addresses criminogenic risk factors and substance using behaviors to meet the needs of all residential substance use treatment programs in any justice setting – local, state or federal. 

Features include:

  • Nine Journals, each covering a different key area for living a drug- and crime-free life
  • An enhanced emphasis on the modified therapeutic community
  • Gender-responsive versions for men and women, emphasizing strength-based approaches
  • Application of the latest in behavior change research and cognitive-behavioral approaches
  • Enhanced Facilitator Guides containing a larger menu of options – more discussion questions, role-play exercises, references, key concept definitions, facilitator tips and guidance for trauma-informed approaches
  • Updated Attitude Check and Rational Self-Analysis check pads

Give us a call at 888-889-8866 so we can assist you in planning a seamless transition to this newly-enhanced, state-of-the-art treatment program in your facility.