VOICES Curriculum Receives Attention in New Study

The Change Companies© is honored to have been recognized in a recent volume of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, an international journal that publishes research, scholarly reviews, commentaries and analyses on the topics of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and dependence. Volume 228 of Drug and Alcohol Dependence published a study on the efficacy of VOICES, an Interactive Journaling® curriculum for adolescent girls.

Created by Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D. – along with Kimberley Covington and Madeline Covington – VOICES is designed to assist adolescent girls in exploring themes of self, connection with others, healthy living and their journeys ahead. This curriculum helps young girls strengthen their sense of self and build skills for healthy development. Participants learn strategies for taking care of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually; practice strategies for dealing with stress, expressing anger, making good decisions, protecting their body and avoiding problems with alcohol or other drugs; practice strategies for staying calm and grounded in the face of difficult situations; and access the support of other girls and women around them. Utilizing evidence-based components including Interactive Journaling©, cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing, participants are given the opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings, ideas and relationships, and identify ways they may wish to strengthen these relationships. 

In their published study, Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that VOICES was a successful trauma-informed, gender-responsive intervention program. The results found included significantly less cannabis use among 113 girls with a history of substance use and legal involvement. Cannabis use decreased from 56.9% at baseline to 38.5% six months post-intervention. Participants in the study also experienced fewer psychiatric symptoms and engaged in fewer delinquent acts over time. 

The Change Companies© is proud of the impact that the VOICES curriculum can have on the lives of young women. To see how this program might benefit your clients, give us a call at (888) 889-8866.