The Change Companies® announces new Interactive Journal: Wellness & Recovery

Wellness and RecoveryThe Change Companies® is pleased to announce a new Interactive Journal for individuals in recovery: Wellness & Recovery. This visually engaging, cognitive-behavioral Journal helps participants develop lifelong wellness habits, gain skills and strategies for a healthy recovery within five dimensions of wellness and learn how to access the support of others on their recovery journey. Self-assessments throughout the Journal allow participants to identify their strengths and areas of focus. Strategies for change are emphasized throughout.

Wellness is the lifelong pursuit of personal growth, health and balance. According to samhsa.gov, making wellness a part of daily life “can improve mental and physical health for people with mental and/or substance use disorders.” The site also states that “for individuals with behavioral health conditions, embracing wellness can improve quality and years of life.”

The Journal covers five dimensions of wellness:

  • Emotional wellness: the awareness, acceptance and healthy expression of emotions
  • Intellectual wellness: the active pursuit of lifelong learning and creativity
  • Physical wellness: making daily decisions that contribute to the health of your body
  • Social wellness: building and maintaining healthy, nurturing and mutually supportive relationships
  • Spiritual wellness: living a life that matches your values, beliefs and sense of purpose

Wellness & Recovery comes with a pocket-size companion piece, Wellness Activities, which provides participants with several “in-the-moment” activities that can serve as healthy alternatives to substance use.

WR Facilitator GuideThe Journal also has an accompanying Facilitator Guide with individual and group facilitation recommendations. It provides opportunities for practice, skill-building and application, both in and outside the group session environment.

Featuring the evidence-based practice of Interactive Journaling®, which incorporates motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral practices, the transtheoretical model of change and structured expressive writing, Wellness & Recovery is a good fit for most treatment settings and levels of care. Implementation settings include intensive outpatient, outpatient, continuing care, residential, partial hospitalization, community corrections settings and more.

WR SpreadTo learn more about how Wellness & Recovery fits the needs of your setting, contact us at (888) 889-8866.