The Change Companies® announces Your Life is a Story: an Interactive Journal on personal growth and storytelling

What makes you you? What important lessons have you learned from your life stories, and what positive changes have your stories led you to make?

The Change Companies® is pleased to announce Your Life is a Story, an Interactive Journal for everyone, from staff to clients, that allows individuals to read and write powerful stories of change. Authored by The Change Companies®’ founder Don Kuhl and based on his beloved book The Adventures of Binder-Man, this Journal chronicles a number of stories from his life and asks reflective questions that invite participants to share their own stories.

The charming short stories in this Journal include:

  • “Le..Le…Lana,” a tale about the challenges of childhood stuttering
  • “Vern,” a story about connecting with an aging parent
  • “Flunked,” an essay on overcoming failure
  • …and many other inspiring stories of bravery, patience, meaning and personal growth

Your Life is a Story features Interactive Journaling®, a structured and experiential writing process that engages and guides participants toward positive life change.