It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Binder Man?




The year was 1993 and The Change Companies (then, Serenity Support Services) was at a crossroads. In our fifth year of existence, much of everyone’s time was spent filling orders by putting sheets of Interactive Journals into three-ring binders. Our tiny staff couldn’t keep up with the demand and money was tight.
During these brief periods of angst and insecurity appeared

Binder Man, a superhero of softening flesh and very common superpowers. I created this character to bring a little joy and humor to this otherwise banal task.

Binder Man

The occasional costume change that took me from struggling business owner to silly, blue-and-red-clad superhero is what saved The Change Companies. With his floating red cape and matching earmuffs and slippers, Binder Man proclaimed to our loyal employees, nearby businesses and gawking passersby that our organization was here to stay.

I believe there is an action hero within all of us who can do battle with the forces of self-doubt. This inner power reveals itself whenever we are confronted with personal or professional peril. In my case, in 1993, I learned to embrace my inner hero with spandex and good humor. I would throw hundreds of binders together in a single day and gather afterwards with my staff to laugh about valiantly dodging paper cuts and three-hole punches.

Binder Man

Over the years, I have witnessed superheroes much more powerful than Binder Man. I have seen administrators, counselors, correction officers and teachers change the nature of their organizations by stepping up in times of distress and opportunity.

So whenever you are in need of a superhero, call out for Binder Man, or call upon those special talents only you possess.