Mary Mason May MacBeth
Could not hide her liquor breath.
She tried Altoids and toothpaste gel
But nothing seemed to cloak the smell.

Not garlic bread, not fine cuisine,
Not Mentos, mints or Listerine.
Instead of looking for a reason
As to why she drank all season,

Mary Mason chewed on Tums
And cinnamon or spearmint gums.
She ate raw onions by the cases,
Smoked cigars from foreign places,

And then moved on to spray perfume
And paint chips from the dining room.
Then solvents in econo-packs,
Then melted, scented candle wax.

She could have counseled with a peer
Or questioned why she drank that beer,
But Mary Mason May MacBeth
Cared more about her liquor breath.

As she grew older and grew sicker
Taking pains to hide her liquor
She finally found a cure in death
Which covered all concerns of breath.

The lesson here is plain and true:
When dealing with a tough issue,
It never is a good idea
To seek some magic panacea,

Or cover up with odd excuses
Any personal abuses.
Instead, through honesty and faith,
Serenity will find its place.

For those of you out in the ranks
Assisting in life changes: thanks. You care,
and know just what to say,
To help us learn from Mary May.