I’m a little jealous of all you people who have an entertaining skill, a “Social Sweet Spot,” that can capture the limelight for precious moments whenever the situation calls for it. You pull your SSS out at family gatherings, parties or coffee breaks to everyone’s delight. It keeps you from feeling awkward or out of place, while I’m stuck feigning comfort and looking for the nearest exit.

 I have no Social Sweet Spot and I want one. Desperately!

 When little natural gifts were being passed out, I must have been in the wrong line. I lack those attractive behaviors like juggling three of anything, hula hooping for over five seconds or dancing to the beat of a popular song. Meanwhile, I watch others exhibit these attention-grabbers at just the right situations.

 It’s discouraging to be devoid of a Social Sweet Spot but I haven’t given up. Unremarkable, but passable, singing is what I’m working on. I want to boldly belt out The Star-Spangled Banner at sporting events without torturing the fans around me with accidental mondegreens. Next holiday season, I want to sing Jingle Bells and have family members let me get to “Jingle all the way.” The next time I’m in Chicago, I want to shout out that “It’s my kind of town” without getting thrown out of town.

 I know if I am to acquire unremarkable but passable singing as my SSS, it will require practice and patience. As it is, even a talented back-up group can’t bail me out. Here’s proof.

 I know such insignificant inadequacies shouldn’t bother me.  But I’m confident there’s a Social Sweet Spot out there someplace with my name on it. Part of the pleasure of my life is searching for it.