My palms are sweaty. I’m a little uptight. I’m blaming you.

 Your responses to Mindful Midweek have been nothing short of spectacular. Our readership has grown each month. I have received many hundreds of thoughtful responses to these little vignettes and I have enjoyed each one. So, I decided to write a book collecting this body of work. It’s called The Adventures of Binder-Man: And how he changed his world (kind of), and it’s being published by Health Communications, Inc. (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame).

 The Binder-Man title refers to a time over twenty years ago when our staff spent much of its day fulfilling orders by placing pages into three-ring binders. I stepped into the eccentric character of Binder-Man, complete with flowing cape and red earmuffs, to bring a little comic relief to our team. I succeeded in embarrassing both employees and our business neighbors. Tough truckers sneered. Mail carriers hesitated to enter our office. Nevertheless, the spirit of Binder-Man prevailed and The Change Companies® thrived.  

 But a Binder-Man book?

 And it’s a big book. All in color with lots of pictures. Yikes and sweaty palms!

 I figure we’re in this together. That’s why I worked for a premiere, hardcover edition to be distributed to Mindful Midweek readers before The Adventures of Binder-Man shows up in bookstores in early 2013. To cover shipping and production costs, I need to charge $15. If you wish to invest in a copy, call toll-free, 888-889-8866. Your call will be answered quickly by a real person.

 The worrier in me frets the book will be used as a colorful doorstop or as a protective plate for food eaten in one’s lap.

 The Binder-Man in me knows the book will help readers understand it’s the little choices we make each day that bring joy and meaning to our lives.