A wedding broke out at The Change Companies®‘ western-themed Christmas Party last week.

 Two of my favorite people and colleagues shared their marriage ceremony as part of our annual holiday get-together. And what a wonderful ceremony it was. Scott and Teri are the epitome of behavior change. As the crowd toasted congratulatory glasses of sparkling cider, I smiled one of those deep, inner smiles, knowing I was witnessing a beautiful thing.

 They met in October of 2005 at a Twelve-Step meeting in Sauk City, Wisconsin. There were fireworks from the start, but not of the romantic kind. In fact, they didn’t exactly see eye to eye on the practical application of “working the program.” But that’s another story.

 Years earlier, Scott had terminally locked himself in his house with a case full of fine whiskey. His marriage and career had drowned in alcohol. He wanted to follow suit. Across town, Teri was attempting various strategies for working toward sobriety. Her plan went awry when she spent New Year’s Eve in jail because her definition of “impaired driving” did not jive with that of the arresting officer.

 Through it all, Scott and Teri continued to read Chapter 5 of the Big Book. And things got better.

 Scott decided to move out to Nevada to work for The Change Companies®. He put his seasoned skills in sales and training together with a program of rigorous honesty and community service.  

 A year later, Teri sold a thriving deck restoration business and headed west to see what Scott was up to. It was 2007, The Change Companies® was growing and it needed people who truly understood the power of behavior change. Now, each day, Scott and Teri bring wit, work and wisdom to The Change Companies®, and service and compassion to the community.

 There were more than a few tears of joy that hit the hay-covered dance floor before the evening came to a close. The Change Companies®‘ staff gets it: positive change brings joy and meaning to all our lives. It was just so special to see it shared between two wonderful individuals. And it brought us all a little closer to the real meaning of Christmas.