I have a secret medicine for all those people who feel a little anxious, unfulfilled, lonely, uninspired, tired or whatever else is keeping them from appreciating the little joys of the day:

Find a piece of art that makes you smile or makes you say, “wow.” Buy it and put it in a prominent spot you encounter several times a day. A bathroom can be an ideal art gallery; so can right above the kitchen sink. Be bold. Create your own definition for “art.” Open up the imaginative part of your brain. Allow art to get in there and shake things up a bit.

I fear some “sophisticated intellectuals” are attempting to hide from me the true power and purpose of art. They create elaborate ekphrases and definitions I can’t pronounce, or try to explain away the intrinsic beauty of something. Certain art galleries give me the creeps. It’s as if I’m on hallowed ground and can only show my appreciation in whispers or a squint. Pompous “art police” act surprised when I don’t know the names of certain artists whose works are on display. They reverently point to a painting with some name like, “Green Apple on Orange Plate, $3500.” I get nervous and walk out.

Then one day, Sherry and I were in Milwaukee and got our socks knocked off by a huge, long-legged cat and dog made of fiberglass. The artist lives in a tough but fun neighborhood, and her sense of humor and humility matched her whimsical, artistic flare. Immediately, I wanted to hug and kiss these colorful, imaginative creations.

So of course we arranged to bring home this duo and put them in a place where we could talk to them and laugh with them for the rest of our lives. Months later, through wind and rain and snow, I found myself driving a U-Haul truck the 1,990 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Carson City, Nevada. Yesterday, I completed my mission and The Change Companies® has one more way to appreciate the little joys in life. Make that two more ways.

I used to think I was too busy and too poor to bring the wonderment of art into my life. Turns out, it’s one of the best ways for me to appreciate the beauty and joy of the moment.