Sometimes I do things that make no sense at all.

Often, my behaviors ignore friends and family who mean the most to me. I’m not saying I always come across like a jerk, but, on occasion, I give short shrift to loved ones at the times they most want my support. And these are the very people who can either make my daily life a tough go or a joyous ride.

What do I do instead? I give my very best to individuals I hardly know, practically strangers. For some bizarre reason, I put value in wanting these people to really like me from the start. I think, “They’re going to feel fortunate they bumped into me today. What else can I do to make them like me more?”

So a couple of weeks ago, Sherry, as in wife, Sherry, asked me to join her on an 80-mile trip to watch our grandson, Sam, compete in a regional wrestling tournament. She really wanted me to go, to do the whole MapQuest thing, the driving in an unfamiliar city, the keeping her company for the better part of the day.

My alternative opportunity was to go to a breakfast with a small group of retired men I hardly knew who met regularly to share war stories about former jobs or discuss personal health emergencies they just experienced or thought they were about to experience.

Any intelligent person would make a wise decision here. On the one hand, traveling to the wrestling tournament would bring a sense of family support. It also would be an opportunity to collect a “negotiable chit” to be cashed in when a major marital decision was in the balance. It would give me quality time with the one person who can fill my life with contentment and joy.

On the other hand, there were lukewarm fried eggs, stories about digestive systems on the fritz and blustery political opinions that ran contrary to my own. The most I would get out of this experience was indigestion and the tab.

What choice do you think I made?

What’s wrong with me anyway?