I don’t know about you, but I’m always slow in catching up to who I am today.

It amazes me that some people doubt whether self-change is possible. I can’t keep up with it.

I still think of myself as a real social guy, someone who enjoys going to large gatherings. In my mind, I think I’m the person in vogue who scoots around saying witty things to strangers and making the most uncomfortable person in the room feel at ease.

It just isn’t accurate. Today, I shy away from groups of three or more people (counting me). And if I feel one of these individuals is nervous or uptight, I duck out to do something imminently important, like go find a brownie to eat.

I also have this perception of being physically nimble, not lightning fast, but shifty in an athletic way. Like if two savvy captains were picking sides for a game of basketball, I’d be the first one chosen. No way. It’s another case of my mind not adjusting to changes in my life stage.

There is an important lesson for me to learn in this. If I am to be happy and content, I need to stay aware of who I really am today. It’s not that these changes are all good or bad. They just are.

Yesterday I loved to take risks. Now I’m less interested in jumping in so quickly. Experience has made me more cautious, perhaps wiser.

Yesterday my temper would go unchecked. Today I am more calm.

Yesterday I had boundless energy. Today I have energy, but it is bound.

Yesterday I was excited and motivated to make new friends. Today I deeply value and fall back on old and trusted ones.

Bottom line: I’ve changed. I’m not who I was. Today I have the opportunity to love and enjoy the current me.