Fifty million people in the United States have trouble falling asleep. I was one of them until Dreyer’s pineapple fruit bars changed my life.

Falling and staying asleep had always been a struggle for me. I’d read all of the upbeat tips about ways to combat insomnia, but it only made me feel more uptight and inept at bedtime. For many years, well-rested researchers told me that once an opportunity for sleep had passed by, it was gone forever. But I recently found a Wall Street Journal article that said I could actually make up for past shut-eye. Egads, now there were even more lost hours to fret over in the dark.

To make matters worse, I’ve been married for decades to a woman who is blissfully asleep before her head hits the pillow. Even more annoying, Sherry stays in this slumbering state until it’s time for her to awaken. Then, she’s instantly all bubbly and sassy. Sherry claims my whole sleeping situation is self-imposed. She tells my sympathizers I only dream about not being able to fall asleep.

But now, much to Sherry’s chagrin, I have a solution that gives me the advantage over sound sleepers worldwide. Each night, as I make my first attempt to fall asleep, I promise myself that if I’m still awake in 90 minutes, I can fetch a scrumptious Dreyer’s pineapple fruit bar–the one chock-full of tiny bits of real pineapple–and eat it while reclining on my side of the bed.

Ah, life is good. If needed, I repeat this medicinal process until morning arrives.

I win both ways. Either I fall asleep, blissfully anticipating my pineapple bar and inadvertently conquering my insomnia, or I slurp down my treat and begin my next 90-minute watch.

Although I’m a little embarrassed by my behavior and I’m certain I will get some critical feedback from sleep disorder specialists, there may be a silver lining in my approach for all of us. If we focus on anticipating the delicious parts of our daily activities, we may forgo some of the anxious restlessness that keeps us from reaching our dreams.