Hiring may be a science at some organizations, but The Change Companies® has a different strategy. We hire by hunch.

 I met Bruce Holwerda, a talented painter, at an art fair. I liked his work and purchased an original. We chatted and he shared that he would soon have a son graduating from Michigan State University. Bruce, the dad, thought Adam, the son, may be looking for a job. At least, he hoped so.

 Weeks later, back in Carson City, I’m on the phone with Adam. He tells me he is a writer and a stand-up comic, and it’s quickly obvious he knows a lot more about the digital world than I do. Adam also thinks the MSU Spartans have a great basketball coach in Tom Izzo. I’m fond of the Wisconsin coach, Bo Ryan, so I ask Adam to send me a brief email discussing who is the better coach and why.

 Adam knows basketball and smart business politics. He writes nice things about Bo Ryan but provides a persuasive case for Tom Izzo as the superior coach. Adam’s probably right. I hire him.

 Almost four years later, he is doing great things for The Change Companies®, taking us to new digital heights we could not have reached without him. He’s an original, creative talent.

 When I think of other successful hires at The Change Companies®, I realize many have an Adam-like augury to them. I’ve also hired the Harvard Business School way, utilizing a thorough series of aptitude and personality tests in conjunction with rigorous interviewing. Often, those results have been less than desirable and, sometimes, downright disastrous.

 I’m all in favor of making personal and professional decisions based on solid due diligence. But, once in a while, following a hunch can lead to beautiful results.