What Cheer Herald
November 27, 2016

Analysts continue to be amazed at the phenomenal growth and well-being demonstrated throughout the nation. Everything from the economy to physical health has seen steady improvement, dating all the way back to early 2014. Most credit everyday citizens from across the country, who helped enact a unique participatory solution.

Wanda Getbetter from What Cheer, Iowa, explained the changes she saw in her community after this grassroots initiative began to gather speed. “We decided that all of us would get more of a bang out of life if we just started making better decisions 30 to 50 times each day. Heck, for me, it started with buying more fruits and vegetables at Randy’s Supermarket.”

“I don’t know why I always thought it was up to someone else to make me successful,” grinned Gabe Wink, a shopkeeper in Smile, Kentucky. “For years, I was blaming my daddy or my 3rd grade teacher or my dog, Lucy, for messing me up. Now, I’m in charge. It’s a lot of work, but everyone here in Smile is pitching in.”

From coast to coast, national statistics continue to pile up. Over the last three years, the average weight loss per citizen is 13 pounds. 84% of the population is exercising 30 minutes or more a day. Unemployment is down to 5%. Over half of state prisons have turned into multipurpose agricultural/industrial training centers. And entrepreneurial small businesses are popping up all over the place.

Mitty Smith, mayor of Needmore, Pennsylvania, recently gave a speech to her city, expressing both admiration and gratitude for her community. She credits her son, a rancher from Inspiration, Arizona, for helping her recognize the power and potential of small, daily steps.

“Turns out, joy and success were always there for all of us to grab,” said Mitty. “We just needed to recognize that all change is self-change.” Standing in front of her constituents, Mitty reminded everyone, “Today is the best day to get started.”