A curious thing happened to me two weeks ago. My heart stopped working.

 There was a full blockage of my left anterior descending (LAD) artery. Instead of catching my scheduled flight from Dallas back to northern Nevada, I found myself writhing painfully in the lobby of a Wyndham hotel.

 For the second time this year, I thought it may be my time to go. Turns out, it wasn’t.

 In both cases, a magnificent gift was given to me. At that critical moment, when it seemed I was about to depart for good, I experienced a state of complete love and acceptance. It’s the best of highs, felt even through the considerable pain.

 I chose to disclose this to you because of the stories you’ve shared with me. So many of you have made – or are in the process of making – remarkable life changes. Each day, you are displaying the courage to move toward the person you wish to be. At times, that requires strenuous work.

 Trust me, it’s worth the effort. No matter how misaligned we may become with our values and life purpose, striving toward greater acceptance and joy brings immeasurable rewards.

 I say this with great certainty because big blocks of my past were filled with the wrong stuff. At times, I felt helpless and unworthy. And yet, two weeks ago, at that critical moment, I found myself experiencing total love and serenity.

 If I could achieve this, you guys have it bagged. Congratulations in advance.