I need your help. I messed up again over the silliest of circumstances. Let me take you through what happened, and you tell me how you would have reacted.

Here’s the scenario: I’m leaving Kohl’s, a department store, and these two attractive women are coming in from the parking lot. They’re about five feet away, just enough distance for me to graciously pull open the door for them and let them enter before I exit. They’re in giggly conversation, and the taller one must have made an outlandishly funny comment because both of them stop in the middle of the doorway and buckle over in laughter.

I’m happy for them. I appreciate humor and I give them a moment to compose themselves and move along. But no, they come to a dead stop and start sharing another funny tidbit about something that happened earlier in the day. I smile and keep holding the door for them. The scuttlebutt continues. It’s as if I’m covered by an invisible shield.

Now, it feels like two years and some months have gone by since I opened the darn door. I say, “Excuse me, but I need to let go of the door.” I receive no acknowledgment, no embarrassed “Sorry, we got carried away.” The two women continue to chatter and chuckle and I continue to hold the door, though now without the smile. In my mind, I have a swelling desire for these two women to recognize my good deed.

I finally let go of the door and it begins to close. I deliberately walk between the two ladies and in my most authoritative voice repeat, “Excuse me.”

They both stop and give me a sympathetic stare. They reply in unison, “No problem,” and move inside. It’s over.

As I’m walking to my truck with this tiny resentment, I remember it’s the many little things that make a difference in the quality of my day. The details of any event are not as important as the emotional lens I’m seeing them through.

Why couldn’t I see the humor in this tiny moment and share the obvious joy emanating from the two women? Why do I sometimes get frustrated and annoyed over the most inconsequential events?

What would you have done with the darn door?