I’d like to share a dream of mine. A big one.

In approximately 40 months or so, a spectacular Wild West Adventure Park will open in Carson City, Nevada, dedicated to teaching children about the American West. Kids from around the world will come to play. Adults will join children in reliving the rugged history of this important era of Americana.

In this stretch of land between Lake Tahoe and Virginia City, children will forge strengths of self-reliance and bravery. They will absorb education and values before the sun hits high noon. They will take part in accurate, age-appropriate stories about the many lands and people who comprised one of the greatest epics in history.

So how do I make this dream, this vision, become a reality? Over the years, I’ve read classic books on strategic planning and goal setting. I’ve started many ventures, some ending in failure and others rising beyond my expectations.

Here is my six-point plan for action:

1. Stay open and curious. Listen to and engage with individuals brighter and more experienced than me.

2. Embrace and share the mission. Say it as loudly and as often as I can.

3. Research the facts. Understand the challenges and opportunities of this major undertaking.

4. Create a plan and be ready to change it daily based on new knowledge.

5. Be courageous and have gumption. Accept responsibility every step of the way.

6. Hang around this earth long enough to watch children, parents, grandparents, teachers and others play and learn together.

What could be more fun than this? I’ll save tickets for the kids in your life, and the kid in you.