It’s been an honor hanging out with you for the last 167 Wednesdays. Since Mindful Midweek first began, you have helped me through pneumonia, a retirement, a heart attack, the loss of several close friends and a special connection with several new ones. And we’ve had a lot of joyous moments together, celebrating the little pleasures that present themselves each day.

The wit and intelligence of your responses to these weekly sojourns have always put a smile on my face. Most importantly, we’ve each learned and changed along the way, making our circles of influence better places for our families and friends to dwell.

But as the Mouseketeers sang many years ago, “Now it’s time to say goodbye…” I am passing Mindful Midweek over to the creative and youthful Scott Provence, who has been my friend and editor since its beginning. Believe me, you’re in good hands

I love you all.