Allow me to introduce myself. I am the world’s greatest superhero.

I possess nearly every comic-book talent that’s ever existed: inhuman strength, X-ray eyeballs, the ability to microwave a burrito so it’s a consistent temperature throughout… I’m serious, I’ve got more superpowers than you can possibly imagine. Oh, and the ability to imagine the most superpowers—that’s another talent of mine.

And yet, when I look at my red cape lately, I feel blue.

It all started when I realized there were things in this world more impressive than a bunch of muscles and a fancy costume.

I began paying attention to the civilians of my home city who weren’t asking for a superhero’s help. They were solving their own problems and tackling what seemed like the impossible challenges of daily life.

I even found people who embraced their limitations, those who fell and had the courage to pick themselves up, even when they knew they might fall again. I don’t think even I have that kind of strength.

The more I discovered, the more I began to wonder… are superpowers necessary?

So I have decided the best thing I can do is to start recording these struggles and successes of the everyday world. I’ll still fly around and help out where I can, but I’m more interested in how people are learning to help themselves.

Through my weekly writing, I hope to show how real answers and real change come from within. I’ve shouted “I’ll save you!” countless times, but the truth is, I won’t save you. No superhero will. There’s something inside each of you that is capable of achieving true greatness.

And there’s real science behind it, too. Trust me, I’ve been speed-reading all the experts in the field of behavior change. They prove there’s nothing super-powered about the way regular people work through life’s challenges.

You don’t turn invisible. You show up.