The little choices we make each day create meaningful stories that can change the course of our lives. And I’m willing to provide 10 prizes (fifty bucks each) to the 10 best stories about how a little choice had a positive, significant influence on you. So, in 170 words or less, tell me your story. I need to receive it by Monday, September 22nd.

For example, here’s a story of mine:

I was running late for an important sales presentation. It was sweltering outside and I was uptight, yet again. As I was merging onto the highway, I thought I saw two black ears sticking out of the sagebrush. “Should I turn around at the next exit to investigate?” I asked myself. “No, I’ll be even later. Or yes, because it might be a lost puppy?” I turned around.

And it was a puppy, a shepherd mix, and near dead. I gathered him up and stopped at the first gas station for a bowl of water and a hot dog to feed this “hot dog.” I arrived over an hour late for my presentation. My prospect was a dog-lover, and she is now our largest client. And as for the puppy? Well, my daughter fell in love with him, brought him home and named him David Francis. For a dozen years, David Francis helped raise two of my grandsons and made everyone around him happier (and me, a little less uptight).

My hunch is that it’s these little choices, like the decision to turn the car around, that make some of the biggest differences in our lives. So please write me a story about a little choice you’ve made, and the impact it’s had.

Each of us collects these stories into the novels that are our lives. Mine has a page about David Francis.