Oh boy! It’s another contest! The winner will receive a pretty box with a red bow and $1000 inside. All you need to do is send me a personal story about a tiny moment in your life that had a big-bang effect on you or others around you.

Here are some airtight rules to rein in your creativity and to give parameters to our distinguished panel of judges, which includes Nigel Jay Wiggins, my new puppy.

1. Your story needs to be 50 to 500 words. Within that range, size doesn’t matter. Quality does.

2. Ten extra credit points will be awarded if you use one or more of the following words: rigmarole, conundrum, frazzle. Please don’t lose your personal flow just to sneak in all three. Ten points will be deducted if you use one or more of these words: basically, awesome, skill-set (“skill” by itself is okay).

3. Responses need to arrive by 11:59 PM on March 20th. I’d like to share the winning story with Mindful Midweek readers, although, if you choose, you can remain anonymous.

4. Everyone is eligible to participate in this contest: employees, relatives, relatives of employees, published authors, yoga instructors, former winners, James Patterson, ten-and-a-half-year-olds and Scrabble® enthusiasts are all welcome.

5. If you don’t like money, or feel like accepting prize money may be construed as inappropriate, your award may be sent to your favorite charity or back to me, whomever you feel is the most needy.

6. Please misspell one word. That will make me feel more confident in my own writing. If you have a natural tendency to misspell many words, give me a hint as to the one you are officially submitting.

7. Do not use exclamation points (!) unless you are shouting or writing something truly remarkable! My first two sentences in this piece are examples of the boring redundancy of the “!”

8. Hint: Don’t attempt to be too clever. It will go over my head.

9. Good luck to my Uncle Harry.