Last week was really weird when it came to Mindful Midweek.

After investing an embarrassing amount of time, I was unable to deliver a sanguine Mindful Midweek message for October 21st. I felt like a failure, and I sent a message to readers owning up to that. The response surprised me, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, here’s the story behind what happened last week:

My failure to send out a Mindful Midweek was not due to lack of effort. In fact, I had numerous drafts I could have gone with. One was about my love of college football and how I dally away Saturdays watching games while pretending to do useful chores like polishing shoes, ironing shirts and reading business articles. In that message, I split the years of a life like the four quarters of a football game. The analogy was pathetic, even to an ardent football fan like me.

Another thrown-away draft reflected on a phone conversation I had with a friend who was seeking support and understanding. Instead of helping, I told him he was playing mind games with himself and that he needed to get his act together. My friend became angry and told me that one of my many character defects was assuming I knew what someone else was thinking, and so my Mindful Midweek made a feeble attempt to defend my position, which was indefensible – and it was also full of run-on sentences.

I reviewed an entire file full of Mindful Midweek drafts that had failed to make it, only to recognize why they had failed to make it: they suck. Some drafts get lost in messy metaphors. Others sound preachy. Others are stories about my past and present dogs, which I love, but I realize that’s because I’m a sappy dog-owner.

I was pretty discouraged by the time Wednesday morning rolled around. In the end, I decided to tell the truth. In four sentences I described what had happened, how I felt and what I planned to do about it.

I sent this message and, lo and behold, my phone and inbox lit up with responses from loyal readers showing an appreciation for my decision. Dozens of people told me to “loosen up” and recognize that the week would continue along just fine without a Mindful Midweek. Many others asked whether I was okay. Two wonderful readers sent me Mindful Midweeks of their own, hoping they might help me past my blogging block.

The rest of my week was fabulous. Thank you for the gifts.