This is my final Mindful Midweek. At least for a while.

 There are few things I treasure as much as the little stories readers have shared with me in response to Mindful Midweek. Each Wednesday, for nearly five years, I’ve considered it an honor to enter your day and offer up a tidbit of my life, hopefully with a worthy behavior-change message hidden inside. Thousands of readers have written back, often with humor, other times with great emotion, revealing moments in their own lives that have made a difference.

 I take this privilege you have given me seriously. Recently, my Mindful Midweeks have been more of a struggle for me to compose and, when completed, I’m less satisfied with the result. You deserve better.

 This has been a joyous ride for me, and a great learning experience. I thank each and every one of you who have invested your valuable time in reading Mindful Midweek.

 You each have meaningful stories to tell. Carry on.