So after nine consecutive Wednesdays without a Mindful Midweek, I’m feeling guilty. Not like the mammoth guilt I felt when I flunked out of the University of Illinois or when my sports magazine went belly up and subscribers were bilked out of their last four issues. This is a creeping guilt similar to the times when I hide a bag of Double Stuf Oreo cookies in the back of my drawer while placing a cup of dried apricots on the top of my desk.


It’s partially your fault I feel a pang of guilt. I continue to receive the kindest emails and notes from readers who have hung out with me for years reading my little stories about being an Iowa schoolboy who went to high school in a Chicago suburb and then messed up a bunch, drank too much and made bad choices while cultivating a host of insecurities and faulty beliefs. I’m the guy who thought everyone was paying attention to what I had to say and do while most of you were just working on your own stuff.


I’m getting better now, but, hell, I’m 70. It still amazes me how so many loving and caring family members, friends and professionals came to my rescue. They provided me the courage and wisdom to start a publishing company 27 years ago. And it’s still thriving. Miracles do happen.


So here I go again: each Wednesday I’ll send you a link that will take you directly to a Mindful Midweek. Most will be favorites of mine from the past with a few new ones mixed in just for the fun of it.

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