Since last week’s Mindful Midweek contest was announced, I have received many touching stories about change.  The $1,000 prize is open until the end of the month, so there is still time to share a tiny piece of your story.

Here is a flavor of a few of the stories I have received:

“I spent the day fishing with my Dad without getting a bite. We probably said ten words to each other. But, on that lake we found out we still loved each other.”

“My cell phone went missing. I was a nervous wreck by noon. Then something came to me.”

“My vintage Batman pin had the year 1964 on the back…If I show up, try, and I’m honest, this might just work…I think Batman and my mom would be proud.”

“I knew I was adopted.  I had always been drawn to the Native American culture.”

“At age 38, I believe I’m finally an adult.  I don’t blame everybody else for the errors I have made.

“Cancer picked me, so get used to it”

So many stories spoke to the courage of individuals.  Little choices we make each day determine who we are and who we will become.

By sharing your story, you may help others appreciate and accept their own.