I believe we all are creative writers and artists. We each have stories to tell that depict where we have been, where we are and where we are going. Our ability to develop these stories in an honest and supportive way in our own minds has a lot to do with our emotional and physical state. Our willingness to share our stories with others adds to our own character and enhances the life of others.

Binder-Man is part of my story that actually became a book shared with thousands of people. A new little business I had created, The Change Companies, was struggling to stay alive and I was full of angst and insecurity. Without the humor and antics of this silly superhero who spent some of his days putting hole-punched paper into binders, a multi-million dollar company would have gone defunct in a hurry. 

I’d like to hear one of your stories that describe a behavior change, either huge or tiny, that helps define the person you are today. The wit of the prose and the cunning of the telling are always appreciated, but I’m just eager to read a good story. As an incentive for your storytelling, I’m offering $1,000 to one individual who is willing to write and share his or her story to our Mindful Midweek family.

Email your story to me at dkuhl@changecompanies.net by the end of September to qualify. More importantly, get in the habit of telling the stories of your lives. Get comfortable with them. For most of us, some stories will be of disappointment and hardship and others will be of joy and triumph. 

I have a hunch there’s a superhero in all of us.