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Our Clients

For over three decades, The Change Companies® has collaborated with over 5,000 organizations, both private and public, to create tailored materials and programs.


How does the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, strengthen the delivery process of its evidence-based, nine-month Drug Abuse Treatment Program, which is provided to both a male and female population?


The Change Companies® provided a mechanism to enhance consistency and participation in the excellent Drug Abuse Treatment already established for federal inmates. Over a period of two years, tapping into the expertise of FBOP Drug Treatment Coordinators and Specialists, two separate programs of Interactive Journals for men and women were created with accompanying Facilitator Guides. Continued collaboration helped design training resources, including new eLearning modules, as well as several updated revisions of the Interactive Journaling® curricula.

The use of tailored Interactive Journals has aided over 150,000 federal inmates. An ongoing study conducted by Texas Christian University is documenting the effectiveness of the Bureau of Prisons Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program.


How do you provide an integrated reentry curriculum with a relapse prevention component in both a short- and longer-term application? And, how do you standardize service delivery of the curriculum over multiple sites to ensure fidelity and integrate evidence-based practices?


Gateway Foundation has long seen Interactive Journaling® as a valuable, effective delivery system for correctional programs. In a collaborative effort, Gateway and The Change Companies® created a distinctive Gateway Foundation model that is as well received by offenders as it is by the Gateway staff. A Reentry Journal was developed, followed by a Relapse Prevention Journal that are regulated in intensity by session design and application.

Facilitator Guides aid staff in implementation, based on level of intensity. Training supports effective delivery across multiple sites. The cognitive-behavioral approach is consistently applied throughout the materials. The integration of motivational interviewing techniques and the processes and stages of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change support a client-centered approach.


How do you deliver a unique program of spiritual rehabilitation?


The Adult Rehabilitation Centers of The Salvation Army serve thousands of beneficiaries each year with an outstanding program of rehabilitation, incorporating a 12-step, biblically based approach, delivered in a highly structured, residential setting. One unique feature is the use of work therapy as a means of providing living skills, positive habit formation and a sense of worth to the residents.

The Change Companies® has created more than 500 pages of Interactive Journals to assist in the delivery of this special program. As the needs of the programs have changed, The Change Companies® has edited and fashioned new sections to accommodate the transitions.

Thousands of beneficiaries of the Adult Rehabilitation Centers in over 90 sites in the United States and Canada have benefitted from the use of these tailored tools for life change.

Other Clients include:

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Custom Solutions

Every organization faces challenges. Here are some challenges faced by a few of our partners, and how we collaborated to build innovative and ongoing solutions together.

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