The Change Companies® hosts a continuum of training products and services, including workshops, curriculum training, coaching and consulting.

How is The Change Companies®' eLearning unique?

What is eLearning?

A collection of electronic resources, including eTraining courses, that provides standardized, flexible and cost-effective education solutions.

What is eTraining?

Electronic courses that use interactive multimedia to engage trainees in applying proven behavior change practices. eTraining subscriptions feature a training management dashboard for administrators who wish to track progress.

Why Use eTraining?

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Standardizes training

  • Flexible for busy schedules

  • Interactive and engaging

Real Clinicians On Our eTrainings

  • "Glad I did this course. Great review and really reinforced past knowledge."
  • "Great refresher course. Thanks."
  • "Truly enjoyed this course - especially the video sequences with Dr. Mee-Lee."
  • "I can't think of how it could have been improved."

    FAQs & Instructions

    eTraining Participant Instructions eTraining Administrator Instructions

    eTraining subscriptions allow administrators to easily track their staff’s progress using the training management dashboard. In addition, subscriptions make it simpler than ever to train new hires by making eTraining courses available 24/7.

    With your subscription, you can choose from any of the eTraining courses in our library, including the ASAM series, Helping People Change and Introduction to Interactive Journaling® Facilitation.

    Pricing for eTraining Subscriptions

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    eTraining Subscriptions
    1 user
    1-25 users
    26-50 users
    51-100 users
    15-day access*
    1-year access**
    Access to
    1 eTraining course
    Access to
    2 eTraining courses
    Access to
    3 eTraining courses
    Unlimited Access to
    all eTraining courses

    *Each course is set to its own 15-day timer, which begins the moment the individual course is opened.

    **1-year timer begins at point of purchase.

    Once you purchase your subscription, you will have an opportunity to add your desired eTraining course(s) to your subscription.

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