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Alaska DUI Summary Of Recidivism Findings

The State of Alaska has a comprehensive program to address alcohol- and drug-related crimes, including impaired driving, that integrates services from the courts, law enforcement, substance abuse treatment facilities and educational programs. The Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) provides screening and assessment to determine if substance abuse education or treatment is needed for any offender charged with a crime that involves alcohol or drugs. ASAP then monitors and follows those offenders through completion of the process. The Change Companies® has provided the educational curriculum for adult offenders coming through ASAP since 2001.

The Urban Institute of Washington, D.C. was contracted by the Alaska legislature to conduct a recidivism analysis of the ASAP. The analysis compared groups of subjects who received the program versus groups that did not receive it. This methodology, while not a perfect comparison, is frequently used in recidivism analysis where random assignment to groups is not ethical or practical. The groups were defined based on program outcome. Theses groups are reported here: 1) never assessed, 2) completed education (The Change Companies®' curriculum), and 3) did not complete education. Recidivism was measured by 1) rearrest for any crime, 2) reconviction for any crime, 3) rearrest for an alcohol/drug crime and 4) reconviction for an alcohol/drug crime. Measurements were taken 42 months postjudgment. The recidivism rates for those not completing the education are very comparable to those not
assessed and significantly higher than those completing the education program. This reduction is evidence of the effectiveness of the program using The Change Companies®' curriculum.

Further analysis found that completing substance abuse education decreased the likelihood of rearrest and reconviction for all crimes and for alcohol/drug crimes even after taking age, race and criminal history into account.

Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies: Recidivism Rates for the Alcohol Safety Action Program. March 13, 2007. Audit Control Number 06-30035B-07

Submitted by Pat Davidson, C.P.A., Legislative Auditor. Retrieved on 5/13/09 from http://www.legaudit.