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Interactive Journaling® as an Intervention for Level II DWI/DUI Offenders

This study evaluated Interactive Journaling® utilized as a component of The Change Companies® and The Association of DUI School Administrators of Oklahoma, Inc.'s Alcohol/Drug Substance Abuse Course (ADSAC) for DUI/DWI offenders assigned to Level II programs in Oklahoma. An offender assigned to a Level II program has a prior DWI/DUI offense and/or a score on the Driver Risk Inventory-II in the 36th to 49th percentile. Specifically the study examined pre- and post-test results of 872 offenders (a random sample of offenders from evaluations administered during calendar year 2005) who were required to participate in a 24-hour Level II program plus an evaluation indicating their views about the program and its components. Interactive Journals were developed and tailored specifically for this population, focusing on education and motivation to promote positive life change. This study evaluates whether individuals assigned to the Level II programs that used Interactive Journals demonstrated increased knowledge and motivation to change.

A summary of findings indicated:
- Knowledge and attitudinal measures found that both knowledge concerning alcohol's effects and positive attitudes related to behavior change increased for offenders who completed ADSAC Level II programs.
- Fifty-two percent (52.3%) of the offenders rated course materials as "very valuable," with 78.5% stating that they learned a lot from the course; 25.5% reported that they had shared their journaling information with others and an additional 54.7% indicated that they intended to share their results with someone else.
- Additional offender feedback indicated that 88.4% reported that they would be keeping their Journals after completion of the program, and 94.7% felt that the program would help them change their behaviors.
- An interesting finding indicated that there was not a significant correlation between post-test knowledge and attitudinal composite scores. It is important to note that ADSAC Level II produced an independent effect on both knowledge (alcohol, its influence on driving and legal facts) and attitude (drinking and driving and the intent to change behavior in the future).

Scheck, A.M., Couillou, R.J., Hoffmann, N.G. (Submitted) Interactive Journaling® as an Intervention for Level II DWI/DUI Offenders