The Change Companies

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Evaluation of the Florida Level I DUI Curriculum

In 1996, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles hired Emory University to conduct a study to compare the effectiveness of its existing Level I DUI curriculum to two alternative curriculum approaches. Prevention Research Institute (PRI) and Responsible Driving Inc. (RDI - now The Change Companies®) each provided a curriculum and training for the purposes of the study.

The goals and objectives of the program were defined by a group of stakeholders and a questionnaire was designed to assess student movement towards those goals. The goals stated that the student will 1) understand the effects, risks and consequences of the use of alcohol and other drugs, 2) know the risks and consequences of impaired driving, 3) be able to address issues that place him/her at risk for substance abuse problems and be able to accept personal responsibility for the use of alcohol and/or other drugs, especially for driving after use, and 4) have developed a personal plan for responsible use of alcohol and/or other drugs, which may include abstention, and for ways to prevent future impaired driving. The study made observations and recommendations based on the pre/post questionnaire responses of 1,654 students and 604 students in a follow-up interview three months after program completion.

- RDI (The Change Companies®) students stood out in terms of their increased understanding of the social and psychological consequences of substance abuse on society.
- The students in both the RDI (The Change Companies®) and current state curriculum groups had greater increases in the objectives of goal 2 than PRI students. The greatest increase was in understanding the effect of alcohol and drugs on driving.
- Overall the students in the RDI (The Change Companies®) curriculum had a greater increase in agreement with positive attitudes as well as a greater decrease in agreement with negative attitudes than students in the other two groups. These objectives focused on accepting responsibility for risky behavior and stating intentions to make changes in use and/or driving behavior.

Three-month Follow-up Results:
- Student ratings of the curriculum at the three-month follow-up indicated that, "for each rating except instructor knowledge, for which there was no difference, one or the other, but not both, of the current Level I or RDI (The Change Companies®) curriculum was rated significantly more positively than the PRI curriculum."

Marsteller, F.A. (November 19, 1997). Evaluation of the Florida Level I DUI Curriculum: Final Report. Emory University School of Medicine.