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Participant Feedback data on using Interactive Journaling®

The Change Companies® has collected feedback from Interactive Journaling® program participants in a variety of settings. The following is an aggregate of randomly collected anonymous self-reported feedback from 27,066 participants from several states (AK, KY, NM, OK, VT, WA and WI).

Question 1
How useful would you rate this program?

Question 2
How useful were the following activities in helping you meet your goals for the course?

Question 3
How helpful was the program material?

Question 4
How much did you learn from the program?

Question 5
Have you or will you share your Participant Journal with anyone outside the course?

Question 6
Will you keep your Participant Journal after the course ends?

Question 7
Do you feel that this program helped you to make a change in your high-risk behavior?