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  • Bill Calhoun

    Bill Calhoun

    VP of Business Development

    For the past decade, Bill has trained and mentored the sales and customer support team that serves The Change Companies®' nationwide client base. Bill provides service to hundreds of program directors, facilitators and industry leaders in addiction treatment, criminal justice, impaired driving, youth prevention and intervention and health improvement. His practical knowledge of The Change Companies®' products and services helps providers in each of our markets make correct programming decisions.

  • Scott Covert

    Scott Covert

    VP of Early Intervention Services

    In his role, Scott oversees training for clients of The Change Companies®. His responsibilities include providing on-site and off-site training for key clients, specifically "train the trainer" coaching and implementation of Interactive Journaling®. Scott has comprehensive knowledge of The Change Companies®' products and curricula. An excellent communicator, Scott specializes in teaching and leading groups using his strong presentation and facilitation skills. He also is certified in training design from the Bob Pike Group.

  • Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz


  • Jessica Fanaselle

    Jessica Fanaselle


    Jessica joined The Change Companies® in 2012 after completing her Master’s in English at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her love for words and sharp eye (when wearing glasses) help her in her duties as proofreader and writer.

    A native of Minnesota, Jessica enjoys hiking around the mountains near Reno and laughing at terrible puns. No matter where she is or what she is doing, she probably has a book nearby.

  • Holly Josephson

    Holly Josephson

    Customer Support Manager

    Holly has found the right balance here at The Change Companies®. She enjoys working with customers: processing their orders after reviewing for accuracy, processing payments, as well as keeping everything in between organized.

    Holly lives in Reno with her family. In her free time, she engages in amateur photography at church events and of her own family, as well as crocheting, reading and scouting vintage stores for clothing and retro finds.

  • Mike Judnick

    Mike Judnick

    Vice President of Justice Services

    Few professionals have had the opportunity to view the numerous areas of justice services as thoroughly as Mike. Working at the federal, state and county levels of government, Mike brings the latest research on behavior change to the programs and products that can be used with prison, probation and court populations. For more than a decade, Mike has connected the dots so that practical, cost-effective solutions can be applied to a wide range of programming for both youth and adults.

  • Don Kuhl

    Don Kuhl

    M.S., Founder of The Change Companies® and the developer of Interactive Journaling®

    Don founded The Change Companies®in 1988. Since founding this company, Don has worked with approximately 150 agencies and corporations to tailor Interactive Journals to serve unique populations. His collaborative efforts in Substance Use, Justice Services, Impaired Driving, Healthcare and Education have consistently focused on helping individuals begin the process of positive personal change.

    Earlier in his career, Don worked in many industries including hotel management, publishing, higher education administration and healthcare business development. Along the way, he created numerous companies, experiencing both successes and failures. Don received his undergraduate degree from The Hiram Scott College. It went defunct shortly after he graduated. He has his M.S. degree from Iowa State University.

    Don is most proud and appreciative of the outstanding employees who have shaped The Change Companies® for over two decades.

  • Frankie Lemus

    Frankie Lemus

    M.A., L.M.F.T., L.A.D.C., Sr. VP of Clinical Development

    Frankie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Supervisor. He is the liaison to the national research community, and ensures the effective integration of evidence-based strategies in all of The Change Companies®' programs and curricula. He has contributed his clinical oversight to more than 50 of The Change Companies®' curricula in the substance abuse, offender treatment, impaired driving and health-improvement fields.

  • John Livesay

    John Livesay

    Warehouse Manager

  • Kevin 'Kip' Lowe

    Kevin 'Kip' Lowe

    Ph.D., Vice President of Training

    Kip provides oversight of training development delivery and consultation. He is a nationally recognized expert in adult learning and has presented workshops on training techniques in several states. In his 28 years of state service, Kip served as Chief of the Office of Victim and Survivor Services, Deputy Director for the Office of Prevention and Victim Services and Assistant Deputy Director for the Institutions and Camps Branch for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

  • David Mee-Lee

    David Mee-Lee

    M.D., Senior Vice President of The Change Companies®

    David's philosophy of promoting empathy, compassion, communication and flexibility is precisely aligned with The Change Companies®. He's well-known for focusing on participant-centered services that uphold clinical integrity, high quality and cost-consciousness. David has long believed in empowering and engaging clients to be active participants in their own treatment. A noted expert in the field of behavioral change, David has authored numerous articles and training materials to serve a treatment-focused audience. Read more

  • Teri Moen

    Teri Moen


    While she began as a writer for The Change Companies®, Teri spends most of her time these days printing and assembling counselor guides, trainings, and anything else that needs to be done.

    Teri loves landscaping and building things. Her latest project is a picnic table she's been putting together for the new warehouse parking lot.

  • Sarah Monahan

    Sarah Monahan

    Director of Health & Wellness Resources

    Sarah is a Registered Nurse and Qualified Mental Health Associate. She’s working with healthcare providers to strengthen the use of behavior change science and patient-engagement techniques in the healthcare field. Sarah has her Bachelor of Science in Health Science Education from the University of Nevada. Her style of limitless thinking has spurred and developed successful international projects.

  • Ted Moore

    Ted Moore

    Multimedia Designer

    Ted brings his years of experience as a newsroom director to his role as The Change Companies®' resident video geek. His "I can do it" approach to every task makes him a valuable asset when deadlines loom, and his sense of humor ensures he's a joy to be around (most of the time).

    Ted spends his time away from The Change Companies® working to become a master chef.

  • Sherry Newsom

    Sherry Newsom

    Owner of The Change Companies®

    As Owner, Sherry has led The Change Companies® from a small, regional publishing shop to a major corporation serving 4,000 clients in all 50 states. During her tenure, Sherry has created a unique process for sophisticated telephone sales, established an error-free system for shipping and developed an employee training, evaluation and compensation program that motivates and guides all staff members.

  • Shane Newsom

    Shane Newsom

    Senior Vice President of Operations

    Shane directs web and video production and oversees warehousing, distribution and shipping operations. His team has led The Change Companies® into the digital realm, creating new possibilities for training and programming delivery.

  • Cyntha Pennington

    Cyntha Pennington

    National Sales Director

    Cyntha spent her first year and a half at The Change Companies® as a Regional Sales Director. Now, as National Sales Director, Cyntha is an expert at making clients happy. She likes gardening, camping, and building stuff. Weird fact: she has a mushroom collection in pictures.

  • Susan Peterson

    Susan Peterson

    Senior Editor

    Susan serves as Senior Editor of The Change Companies®. Throughout her more than 20 years with the company, she has developed a passion and level of expertise in curricula for impaired driving and offender populations. One of her primary roles is to work with state contacts to develop, update and edit tailored impaired driving program materials.

    A Michigan native, Susan is a devoted Detroit sports fan and University of Michigan enthusiast, both of which can be very trying at times!

  • Scott Provence

    Scott Provence

    VP of Product Development

    Scott Provence has an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington. A native of Seattle, Scott enjoys demonstrating the many applications of an English degree, which so far have included everything from teaching college courses to performing in halftime shows for the NBA.

  • Kenny Smith

    Kenny Smith

    Order Fulfillment

  • Luke Stiller

    Luke Stiller

    Multimedia Developer

    The youngest of the staff, Luke studied Multimedia Design (with a focus in film) in Pittsburgh, PA. Hired on as an all-around "utility player" for the development team, he juggles many projects at once, from writing and motion graphics, to print work and more. In his spare time, Luke enjoys acting in both theater and film.

  • Jill Tharpe

    Jill Tharpe

    Regional Sales Director

    Jill started at The Change Companies® in 2009 working for Lifestyle Center of America, and is now a Regional Sales Director working with 9 states and The Salvation Army. Prior to her work with The Change Companies®, Jill owned and operated a multi-site retail health and wellness business, and took personal responsibility for staff training and development. In her spare time, Jill enjoys spending time with her daughter, Madisyn.

  • Chris Wales

    Chris Wales

    Web Developer

    Chris comes to The Change Companies® after an 8 year stint writing and producing shows for several nationally televised home shopping networks. In his new role he strives to create user-friendly interfaces and useful tools to support The Change Companies®' suite of electronic products.

    Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Chris can usually be found searching the northern Nevada landscape for his errant tee shots.

  • Todd White

    Todd White

    Multimedia Developer

    Todd worked in television production for more than 15 years in Los Angeles, and as part of the development team at The Change Companies®, embraced the company philosophy of helping people make positive life change. He now works with the sales staff.

    Todd enjoys quality time on local rivers and streams fly fishing, playing the drums (poorly) and producing videos for his small side business (so long as he's always behind the camera).

  • Lisa Winge

    Lisa Winge

    Regional Sales Director

    In the time Lisa has been with The Change Companies®, she's used her sense of humor to put clients at ease and always has a laugh to share.

    In her spare time Lisa likes gardening, reading, journaling or letting loose on her motorcycle.

    If you happen to get hit with a ball at The Change Companies®, chances are Lisa threw it.

Senior Advisor

For more than 20 years, The Change Companies® has been dedicated to providing the most innovative and effective behavior change products and services to the industries we serve. The Change Companies® is pleased to present our Senior Advisor, renowned researcher and original developer of Motivational Interviewing, Dr. William R. Miller. Dr. Miller provides ongoing, independent consulting and editing services to help ensure the fidelity of our products and services to evidence-based change models and research.

  • James Prochaska

    William R. Miller


    Dr. William Miller's research on motivation and behavior change has had a profound effect on addiction treatment, and more generally on health services. He is the original developer of Motivational Interviewing, an internationally recognized method for helping people change by evoking their own intrinsic motivation. The Institute for Scientific Information lists Dr. Miller as one of the world's most cited scientists. Read more...

    Dr. Miller is the author of 40 books and more than 400 articles and chapters, including the innovative books (with Stephen Rollnick) Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for Change and Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: Helping Patients Change Behavior. He is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico and served as co-director of UNM's Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions (CASAA). He served as a consultant to the United States Senate, the World Health Organization, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    Dr. Miller is a Senior Advisor to The Change Companies® which has for 20 years, applied client-centered change strategies throughout all of its products and services. He brings to The Change Companies® his expertise in editing and developing clinical resources. According to Dr. Miller, Interactive Journaling® is an effective method of engaging a client in the change process.

    "I do like very much the method of Interactive Journaling®. Our Motivational Interviewing research indicates that it is important to elicit clients' own language and for people to be actively involved in their own positive behavior change. Interactive Journaling® is a method designed specifically for this purpose – to engage each person actively in the thought and behavior processes of change, rather than being a passive recipient.

    At each progressive step along the way, clients reflect on and generate their own language about material relevant to important changes, and how it applies in their lives. Whatever the therapeutic modality – residential, outpatient or intensive day treatment – clients do the personal work needed to make important life changes."

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